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  1. Man. Now I’ll have to get subdomaining set up on my box, and then I can use CPanel to do my heavy lifting for me. [Although I’ve noticed, watching phpBB, that they lag behind the release of stable releases by a few days…]

  2. My provider offers both cPanel and Fantastico.

    Fantastico offers v. 1.5 and cPanel (9.9.9-STABLE 15) offers v. 1.02. That is how I found WordPress was through the auto-install feature my ISP offers.

    On a side note, my provider encourages people to use WordPress over M******Type because the other one does not play nice with their servers.

  3. I installed WordPress via cPanel (Fantastico) some months ago, and I am in love. I’m fully capable of installing the script myself but I don’t keep up with script updates, and I hate having to “reinstall” something that’s working perfectly fine — but now cPanel does it for me. Very, very nice.

  4. Although my host uses cPanel – here’s an explanation they gave me for some of (including WP) earlier versions of the auto install scripts.

    “For stability reasons we test new releases for 3 months before we start offering them to our customers.”

  5. I can confirm that the latest version is “1.5-1.0” (i.e. 1.5) in the cPanel-recommended RELEASE tree.

  6. It all depends on your how often your provider updates their cPanel software. Mine had WP 1.5 within a day of its official release. Mostly due to the fact it accounted for 70% of the installs people used Fantastico for. My buddy has had to wait for several weeks (and several emails) to get his provider to update the software. Send an email to your host – its a painless install for them.

  7. The main reason I signed up with vizaweb.com as a host (some time ago) was because they offered cpanel and fanastico. With fantastico, creating a WordPress blog was basically a one or two-step process.

  8. mr.dew – you loose all your themes in the upgrade using cPanel. Just a warning – but its VERY easy to upgrade your blog this way. cheers.

  9. not sure if dreamhost.com uses cPanel, but they support a one-click install via their own control panel. it’s pretty nifty.

  10. The cpanel installer is actually an ‘addon script’. The admin has to explicitely enable it (with one click). I believe (but I could be wrong) that Fantastico (not cPanel) actually converted the theme from 1.2.2 to 1.5.

  11. That’s fantastico, this is different.

    Comment by Matt “” Tuesday April 5, 2005 @ 2:26 pm

    So? Which addon script do you mean then, matt?

  12. My host has WordPress 1.5 as part of Cpanel (through Fantastico), less than a minute to install and I didnt even have to worry about setting up the database.

  13. Actually this Support Forum Postat some host’s website seems to show that CPanel has had WordPress as an Add-on Script for about a year now!

    Maybe it was just that we weren’t aware of it so far.

    Fantastico is seperate from CPanel addon scripts. I actually went looking for a Cpanel announcement but found the post I listed above, instead.

  14. I use ripplehost for my site. They use cpanel, but don’t have WP install available there yet. Don’t need it, really, but would use it instead of manual install/updates if it were there.


  15. Excellent. We added the WordPress add-on script into our CPanel today so our clients have easy access to it. We also have it in our Fantastico install – – nothing like a little WordPress over kill! 🙂

    That’s ok – – we recommend WordPress to everyone, over any other blogging app out there. 98% of our clients are WordPress users.

    This is great, Matt!

  16. Ok, I’m a bit new to this, so call me an idiot. How does cPanel keep WP up-to-date? What about plugins and templates that I have loaded? Will they be overwritten? Is there a good description about this somewhere?

  17. 1.5 includes code to upgrade your 1.2 templates if all the proper directories are writable.

    Comment by Matt – Wednesday April 6, 2005 @ 6:21 am

    wow! This is a good information, I will ask the webmaster if they have this new upgrade feature from fantastico, for the advance upgrade probably to the newer version after 1.5 later, but i dont mind to upgrade it manually, though

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