Dynamic Textareas

Tools for Textareas, the resizing textarea has been in the WordPress Shuttle development mockups for a while.

9 thoughts on “Dynamic Textareas

  1. Hmm…I’ve not seen any updates to the Shuttle project anywhere. The link to the Broken Kode site just says “Coming Soon.” Anybody actually seen anything on this yet?

  2. Is there any chance that shuttle will be incorporated into wordpress at some stage (maybe once it’s released)?

    Those testarea doohickies are pretty cool as well. I may well use them in a couple of projects I have worked on recently.

  3. Ive implimented the one in your post, although the IE flicker needs to be fixed. The bg image is on the link, looking at the JS, i’m trying to figure out how to write in an ul and put the images on li’s instead….