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I just got home from seeing Star Wars Episode III, and it was a fantastic movie. Totally worth staying up to 4 AM for. Not just a great Star Wars movie, but a Good Movie independent of anything else out there. Then again I’m a total sucker for epic space sci-fi and cheeseball storylines, but go see it and decide for yourself. I’ll probably catch it once or twice more this weekend.

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I also saw the midnight premiere last night. Not only was it worth it to finally have all the pieces of the puzzle filled in, but seeing it with all the other dedicated fans was truly worth it for all of the applause and cheering during various great scenes. Not only was it fantastic, but it was also very intense. Now to watch Episodes IV – VI to complete the story and see how they all fit together.

It was an excellent movie, indeed. It evoked emotions in me that I never thought I would (or could) feel from a Star Wars movie. Definitely the best of the first 3 episodes by far. Of course, as is usual, the special effects and bad guys were fascinating.

Five stars and two thumbs up (if I had more they’d be up as well).

I’m probably going to see it on the weekend. It will be awful, I’m sure, just as bad as the previous two, but, you know, you can’t explain to people why a film is bad unless you’ve seen it, and that’s important.

Good or bad, I have to see it. I’ve seen the others, (Episode II was awful in terms of its dialogue – worse than Episode I) and to not see Episode III would be like drinking five beers out of a sixpack and just leaving the last one to go skunky. It’s just not done.

Besides, I may get to see JarJar get slaughtered, right? Maybe? Lie to me, if necessary…just give me my only hope that JarJar gets a lightsabre up the wazoo…

May the force be with you; always.

Went to see it this AM. I liked it – a far, far better movie than either Ep. I or II. I would, as an absolute measure, rank it higher than Return of the Jedi in terms of quality, although I have such an emotional attachment to Ep. VI (as it was the first I’d seen in theaters) that I have a hard time ranking Ep. III higher overall.

Binks was in it for about 3 seconds total and didn’t utter a word, just looked sad. I almost felt sorry for him, which is an accomplishment, I assure you.

The dialogue was stilted and corny, but mercifully there was lots of distracting digital effects in the background of most “talking” scenes, so if you wanted to phase out and wait for the light sabers to come back out, you could at least amuse yourself in watching air taxis, star cruisers, etc. slide by behind the characters.

There were a few moments where I found myself thinking: “Boy, Christiansen looks an awful lot like Mark Hamill. I could see him being Luke’s father” and “Yeah, Portman really does look like Carrie Fisher. I totally buy her being Leia’s mom.”

A few rapid-fire closing comments: Needed more Wookies. Still don’t buy Smits as a Senator. Yoda rocks even harder in this’n. Where was Lucas’ head for Ep. I? We needed a coherent single bad guy, ala Count Dooku or Gen. Grievous to hate, not some vaguely-insulting-to-those-of-Asian-descent “Trade Federation”.


‘Coulda sworn that Luke asked Leia whether she remembered her mother and she answered in the affirmative. As anyone who has seen Ep. III can tell you, that’s pretty much an impossibility.

Also, Mary Shelley’s estate should be seeking damages from Lucasfilms for the blatantly Frankenstein-esque reveal of the fully-suited Vader.

Coulda sworn that Luke asked Leia whether she remembered her mother and she answered in the affirmative. As anyone who has seen Ep. III can tell you, that’s pretty much an impossibility.

The mother she remembers isn’t her real mother, just as the father she mourns isn’t Vader.

I just saw the movie and having seen the first one as a wee lad of eleven I needed some catharsis so I’m going to throw a few words out to fellow Star Wars mavens. I wrote a long-winded, quasi review at site so I’ll try not to get carried away here but this movie was EXCELLENT! I’m a little hyped up at the moment so I’ll try to refrain from saying something like it’s the best one but honestly, it might be. It was very powerful and very sad. Some of the scenes in the film will stay with you a while. I’m bummed it’s the last one but I’m glad that it ended with such a great film because being and old school fan I was very disappointed with the I and II episodes. But as I say in said review, I have a much greater appreciation for them now. Still, nothing will ever beat the experience I had seeing the first Star Wars back in the day. Greatest movie ever! Alright, I feel better. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!
(thanks for the wordpress Matt, it’s the best blog of all time!)


I have to say… I thought it was awful.

There were no worthwhile moments, scenes, or anything. The acting, script, editing, and almost everything else were so sub-par that if anyone else had made it we’d be talking about it in the same terms we talk about Battlefield Earth.

The mother she remembers isn’t her real mother, just as the father she mourns isn’t Vader.

AFAICR, both of the Organas were still living and were on Alderaan when Vader and Tarkin blew it up with the first Death Star.

I was actually amazed at how well the continuity people pulled it all together. The only things I could really even remotely complain about were the words “pregnant” and “baby”. They just didn’t fit. (In Ep. I someone said something about being a “sitting duck”, which I also thought was hinky.)
All in all, I was thoroughly satisfied. With the exception of the already mentioned stilted romantic dialogue, Ep. III was nothing like I or II and everything like IV, V, and VI.

Instead of “Revenge of the Sith” it very well could have been titled “The Redemption of George”.

How do we know that Leia wasn’t referring to Queen Organa, hmmm??

I thought it was a great flick albeit the acting pretty much stinks. Yoda put in the best performance.

I think that it is the best movie ever made and that none of yall should go bashing it….the love seens were, a little off, but you need that to sho anekins extreme problems with his life as a jedi and moral person…aka…good guy….hayden christentian is the best bad guy ever!

What I still don’t get, from all of the episodes, is how Vader seemingly forgets all about his droids (R2 and C3PO) in episodes 4-6, when R2 was around him most of the time in episodes 1-3 and anakin BUILT C3P0 for cryin’ out loud. This is part of a larger problem I had with the newer movies: It seemed to me that Lucas tried too hard to make episodes 1-3 tie into episodes 4-6, instead of just telling the story. There was way too much foreshadowing that referred back to the ep. 4-6.

It is cool, though, that Anakin did end up fulfilling the prophecy in episode 6, just not the way the other Jedi would have liked.

Uhm”¦ Luke asked Leia if she rememebered her REAL mother, and she said yes, only images, that she was very beautiful and kind, but sad. I think it means she was talking about Padme. so there’s a mistake.

I had a problem with this, too, but then I caught the words “only images.” Possibly, the Organas would have shown Leia pictures of her mother from right before she died. Luke would not have had this privelege, being on an isolated planet, but Leia would have been able to see pictures of former senators, and the Organas probably didn’t want to hide Leia’s real mother from her. Just a theory, though.

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