Foto Mateo

In the interest of expanding the Photo Matt audience we’ve commissioned a team of expert translators to create Foto Mateo. 😉 Update: To clarify, this is a joke. It just is a Google translate proxy of this site. Read the comments for more. Thanks for everyone who emailed in that it was, in fact, a very bad translation.

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It’s basically a language proxy of this site, using Google translate as a web service and scrubbing the output to provide a clean feel. They still muck up the HTML horribly, but it’s hard to tell that at least three different geographically distributed servers are cranking to produce each page you see on that site. I’m sure the translation itself is horrible, but that’ll improve as Google improves. The translations can also be pretty humorous sometimes. 🙂

Hey Mateo, this is really funny. Almost everything gets lost in translation. And this movie reference made me remember the machine used for translate martian language to English in Mars Attack. Same thing here.


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