I met a Fundable guy at SxSW who was pushing the service hard, now that it’s up and running it looks pretty neat.

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i think this is a cool idea.
one potential issue i see is in the final step, in which a potential stranger is entrusted to deliver the goods to everybody. other than to be an upstanding citizen, i don’t see the motivation for that person to follow through. am i missing something?

Pushing it hard? Listen, he was spamming people in person at SXSW. And when I told him that’s what he was doing (at the Frog party), he got all pissy and swore at me.

Isn’t this a worst-case scenario of future marketing? Everywhere you go, somebody gets in your face with a pitch?

Very nice idea. Not the first time I see a system like this, but maybe the first time someone can actually make it work? I’ll set up a project tomorrow… (help me fund the production of my new album!) damn, that is hard as long as my music is free. Oh my… Thanks for the link.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Regarding the issue of trust, we let organizers display a link to their eBay rating on their group actions. We’re also releasing our own eBay-like feedback system in the summer.

Joe: Sorry if you felt like I was “spamming in person.” I have no idea what that Frog party thing is about. We only decided the night before SXSW to tell people about our project for the first time.

i think its absolutely despicable that this site/guy charges as much as 10% for this ‘service’

all people have to do i set up a simple webpage (for next to nothing) or just send a mass email WITHOUT a link to his worthless website, but with a link to their paypal account. they can post images and tell their whole fundraising story in the email… why do they need his phony site to take 10%… for adding some fake sense of legitimacy to their cause…?!

if the only people who anyone can expect to donate are friends or friends of friends etc… then there is NO NEED to pay this guy such a ridiculously high percentage for a completely unecessary fake service. if he had any morals, he couldve simply set up a webpage explaining tips on fundraising and left out his phony junk ‘service’

scam – this guy is making some serious bad karma for himself, profiting so heavily from peoples needs