I’ve been mentioning Newsmap to people lately so I thought I’d link to it here because it has a terrible URI and I always forget the name.

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Looks like another wonderful example of Flex. I have been working very closely with Flex and CF lately and it really is as cool as it looks. Drag and drop in UI is commonplace now. I recently designed a complex search form that allows users to move the fields around to suit themselves and people seem to love it!

That’s really wierd.. I went looking for a file-space analyzer for Windows today, after having used “Disk Inventory X”: on my PowerBook at home and remembering it was based on a Linux app ( “KDirStat”: ) I went in search of a Windows version (“WinDirStat”: There was an interesting link off that page to the American Uni where “Treemaps” (around which newsmap is based) was invented. “Reading through the history and uses of Treemaps”: I spotted “newsmap”:, checked it out, furled it and added it to my toolbar seconds before reading this from 😀

(I also reccomend “JDiskReport”: for X-Platform file usage data, quickest Japp I’ve used and some really nice graphs)