Preople Blogging

So according to Preople I should use Matthew instead of Matt, though I have no idea what that number is based on. I found this service via Om and it seems like the whole rank thing is a clever way to get you to register and start blogging. Here’s my Preople blog and profile page. Capitalizing on people’s ego is always a sure bet, so I predict this service might do pretty well, though it obviously has some very rough edges right now.

11 thoughts on “Preople Blogging

  1. Interesting… I’ve been meaning to write about the name thing at some point. I’m typically Mike, but on my current design, I thought Michael J. sounded a little more pretentious/appropriate.

    With all the hullabaloo about the Jello article, it was interesting to see my name reproduced in different ways around the web…

  2. I’d be interested to know how they come up with these numbers. It’s not by just using Google’s search. A google search for my shortened name comes up with 770 hits, a search for my longer name comes up with 788 hits. Interestingly, the longer name search is actually more relevant if you’re really looking for me.

  3. You know, I actually like it. I’m not typically a big fan of these kinds of services that attempt to implement blogging (,, and most horribly but popular, myspace)…But I like this. And since it’s new, I got dibs on! 😀

    When I Google my name sans quotes, I get 1.25 million hits. Obviously Preople is doing something a bit different, because I don’t even get 4,000 there.

  4. Hello all, i’m the founder of Preople and noticed a lot of traffic comming from this page so I decided to stop by. Our formula, in good tradition, is secret. 🙂 I’m happy to see some of you getting Personal Profiles. A lot of people did that the last few days. I hope one day all of you have one. Oh, my rank is 1420 at this moment. I hope to get to at least 10.000 at the end of 2005.