Wider Google

Whoa, Google widened the search box. I don’t know why, but I’m in shock. I remember thinking when the links above the search box got wider than the box itself that they’d jumped the shark, but obviously they got their “mojo” back. 😉

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Are you sure they widened it? It’s been a while since I visited Google (I always use the search bar for Googling), but it doesn’t seem much larger than the last time I saw it…

If they did, however, widen it, then as the usability masochist I am, I can tell you why:

§ A wide search box encourages users to write more keywords (JN et. al.)


Hmm, I looked at from January 3, 2004 and the search bar is identical in dimension to the current page. I took a screenshot of the evidence that you can see if you click on my name 🙂

Google usually test their changes by rolling them out to increasing numbers of randomly-selected users, starting with a small percentage like 5%. That way if there’s catastrophic bug, it won’t affect all of their gargantuan user base.

wonder when they’ll put “directory” back above the search box, and at the top of all the results pages.

it was really handy for searching dmoz after a google came up with nothing interesting.

i’ve been using since they removed the links to dmoz searches, as an alternative.. wowks gweat! 🙂

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