Mac Gamma Tip

While poking around and calibrating all my monitors the same way today I found the setting for making the Mac OS X gamma similar to that found on PCs, personally I prefer to see things how most of my users are going to see them. It’s under System Preferences, the Displays, Color, and then click Calibrate.

4 replies on “Mac Gamma Tip”

  1. Can’t test that right now but if that works it’s awesome, cheers. Always wanted to do that.

  2. Mac OS 9 has a whole big and sophisticated wizard to doing calibration which includes profiles. I don’t know if it has been dumped when OS X+ came along. Control Panels >> Monitors >> Colour, just for the record.

  3. IMHO, I prefer to see things how they are “supposed” to look and then I switch the profile over to one that mimics the unfortunates out there.

    – OSX allows you to save multiple display profiles.

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