Tons of Plugins

The developer plugin repository now has over 300 registered plugins. Time to get that directory going!

13 thoughts on “Tons of Plugins

  1. Matt: I’ve noticed you have quite a few of these types of blogs lately….one-liners with a link to somewhere else. Is it really blogging, or are you just posting links?

  2. Lately? He’s been doing it ferever. It’s not really anyone’s place to tell anyone else how to blog though — everyone adapts their own style. I guess this style works for Matt. There’s no rule book.

  3. Turnip: True. It was more of a remark than an instruction anyway – I don’t tell people how to blog. The question mark (‘?’) in my comment lets Matt know that it was only a question… # nudge #

  4. Most folks separate the two, entries and links.

    Matt’s is integrated into a single stream. (although obviously still flagged, since the short entries display without the title on your homepage…)

  5. Actually, the original use for “weblogs” was for posting links to the internet. Only more recently have they become journals as well as “blogs”.

  6. Also, Matt has got to be the busiest guy on the planet. He has so much on his plate between CNet, a myriad of WordPress related projects and his participation with WaSP. The only plus I think he has going for him in that department is that he isn’t married or have a kid, AFAIK.