When Worlds Collide

“In fact, the ease of putting up pages on wordpress was amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to use wordpress to manage content for almost any small business’s website.”

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Feel free to quote me too, since once I switch hosts I will be definitely switching to WP: “On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being super hard, and 1 being super easy, customising WordPress for my site was about a 3.”

That header image is bizarre. The eye on the left is much more attractive than the one on the right, but the corner of the mouth on the right is much more attractive than the one on the left. It’s like… diagonal beauty. Of course the hair is all good.

On the use of WordPress for small business, I totally agree. And with the advent of Pages in WP 1.5.x, you can use WP to manage your entire site, not just your “news” section.

Dittto here. I switched from Typepad to WordPress back in November. I’ve had some issues with bugs, but have been glad to see that they’ve been worked out over time. I’m pleased with the newest version in particular. I work for an internet strategy firm, and have basically become the office “WordPress Evangelist” since 1.5 came out. We’ve begun recommending it to clients where it suits their needs.

WordPress powers my business site – – static pages and all. WordPress is an excellent CMS – – definitely MORE than just a blogging tool.

Great work!

[…] We set Ivy Manor up with WordPress as a content management system. While they did not wish to have a blog on their site – WordPress works quite nicely as an overall management system for the development and maintainace of their website, overall. It will make it very easy for them to make updates and changes to their site as time goes on. By: Lisa S. @ 4:48 pm in: Our Clients, WordPress Design | Tags: WordPress, CMS, Design, Blog, Blogging, Assisted, Living No Comments » […]

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