WordPressDash is a Tiger dashboard widget for posting to WordPress.

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this is cool , but i am still not convinced that these widgets are worth upgrading to Tiger. It seems that my plugins for Firefox and various websites accomplish all of these tasks quite well.

does anyone have any solid reasons for upgrading besides these widgets. I mean the name of them alone makes me thing snake oil or Soma. “you got your widgets and your whatnots over here!””huh””nevermind…”

Allthough impressive to look at, I don’t get the point of most of these widgets. Including this one. I mean… if you can have a widget on your desktop then couldn’t you just as well have a browser window on your desktop? That way you could check the posted post on the weblog the way other people see it.

I played withy widgets for less than half an hour before I got tired of them. Tried a widget for reading what app used most cpu, but of course… the cpu reading widget used all of it, so there really wasn’t a point. Useless. As it turns out, I already had a very powerful widget called Firefox.

As with all OS X upgrades, Tiger seems to make things a bit snappier. Spotlight is also very cool, and Automator has all sorts of good uses. Not to mention Safari RSS.

Dashboard isn’t all that great, but it does have its uses. I do find the Wikipedia widget to be easier than opening up a browser window, and for things like checking the local weather or using Google Maps tends to be easier with Dashboard. It isn’t the coolest thing on the Earth, but it does have its uses.

Plus, Tiger does have a number of fairly significant backend changes.

It’s certainly worth the price of the upgrade, although I wouldn’t put it as a MUST GET upgrade quite yet. However, at some point in the future a lot of programs will depend on things like Core Data that are only in Tiger, so you’re going to have to upgrade anyway – might as well do it now.

Test post from WordPressDash

This is a test post from WordPressDash – WordPressDash is a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X 10.4 (a.k.a Tiger) which allows you to create and upload posts for your WordPress blog from the Dashboard.
In theory this is very cool – but in practice, it la…