“Dear Mr Matthew Mullenweg, Our records show that you haven’t yet registered for the benefits of AARP membership, even though you are fully eligible.” Only $12.50/yr!

19 thoughts on “AARP

  1. Matt… you better get fitted for that walker. Oh, and you may be able to get the best deal on “Depends” at your local Wal-Mart…

  2. Only $12.50/yr!

    Matt, I think we both know that a deal like that is too good. Show up at the AARP office with a walker and a beard.

  3. See, this is what I hate about Google. The initial thought was, “AARP? What’s that?”, but then we both know it’s dumb for me to bother commenting with a question when I can just search it and have my answer in way less time.

    We need a TLA for that, RTFM just doesn’t cut it. GIY? GID?

    (And no, I’m not gonna link it for the rest of the non-Americans, because if I had to do the work, so do you.)

  4. This makes perfect sense, in fact. They send mailings based on sociological data.

    Basically, every now and then, a handful of names are very popular among newborns. Conducting a survey to get the age of people in your list is expensive. A cheaper approach is to send your mail to those people whose first name was among the more popular ones of the class age you are addressing.

    I would imagine Matthew was a very popular name among newborns around 60 years ago. 🙂

  5. Denis de Bernardy,
    If thats true, then why did I repeatedly get them a few years back? (I think I was 24-26 at the time) My name has never been popular that I am aware of. Ok, so there was that country singer but his name was spelled different anyway. Although, he certainly did fit into that age group, so maybe you do have a point.

    What I say is that someone should try any apply and see what happens. Don’t want to waste the $12? Set up a fund with paypal and maybe enough people will donate a dollar to the cause. I havn’t received one of those offers in a few years so I’ll have to leave it up to someone else. How bout it?

  6. According to the Baby Name Voyager (nice Java app), “Matthew” was ranked 98th out of all names in the 1950’s. It spiked in the 80’s. “Logan”, on the other hand, is just beginning to enjoy its glory days, thanks to Wolverine. 🙂

  7. Hm, my new strategy for disbanding the AARP: infiltration by 20-somethings. And then, at one of their meetings, shout out: “Ponderosa just went bankrupt!”

    And while the top 50 names change a lot, the top 10 are suprisingly stable.

  8. I know a few people who have grandparents (70’s, 80’s, and older) who recently got Selective Service System Notifications that they needed to register. One was a grandmother.

    Notification databases suck.

    There are people dead for 40 years who still get jury duty notices.