Import and Export

Marc asks about export in the next version of WordPress. It’s actually the very first item on the list because it got bumped from 1.5 because of time constraints. The main holdup has been WordPress supports rich data like custom fields and slugs, which users love, but it makes a lossless import and export a pain. Most other blog tools have a WordPress importer already simply because it’s a market leader, so don’t think the export will improve portability much, but it should make a nice way to backup and restore a WP blog.

10 thoughts on “Import and Export

  1. It is wonderful to see export facilities realised, which demonstrate no ego among WP developers. This allow users to ‘dance’ between platforms.

    As regards “a nice way to backup and restore a WP blog”, isn’t it simpler to just connect to the same databases, dump mysql databases and restore them?

  2. Dumping and importing MySQL can be very easy if one uses their GUI tools instead of the command line interface.

  3. There are times when I am working on a new theme or testing something on an alternate install and I think, what I really need now are a bunch of entries to see what this will look like. That is what this will work great for. Desiring the ability to export entries should not always be equated with desiring to leave a blogging platform.

  4. Exactly. Even if someone does want to leave, it’s their data on their server! They shouldn’t be constrained in any way.

  5. I assume when it says “XML import/export” we’re talking something compressed, right? .zip would be most portable, although I’m sure .tar.gz would work well if you’re looking for something that’s primarily useful internally.

    Additionally, this will include everything underneath wp-content/, right?

  6. Why compress it and lead to complications? Anybody whose database exceeds 10 MB is serious about blogging and will probably have plenty of server space to play with.