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  1. See a Ranger’s game. (Sorry, they’re playing the Toronto Blue Jays on the road this weekend.)
    Go to Six Flags over Texas.
    Eat at Pappadeaux.
    Go to Hurricane Harbor.
    Go to the zoo.
    Go to the Sixth Floor Museum.
    Check out the ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan guitars at the Hard Rock Cafe
    Hang out in Deep Ellum.
    Have some Dos Equis or Tecate with Tex-Max at the Blue Good Cantina.
    Go to the newest Fry’s computer super store.
    Go hang with Robert Boren (Or… is that what you’re already going?)

    There’s lots of stuff you can do.

  2. Go to my old house and take pictures so I can see how big the trees have grown.

    On second thought, I’ll just give another vote to the 6th Floor Museum.

  3. Dude, stay away from Taco Bueno – It’s dangerous. I have never been so sick in my life. I think they use a poison that only affects Houstonians.
    Go to Deep Ellum.
    If you end up in Denton, there’s the flying tomato. I also think that our relatives there are in residence.
    It shouldn’t be that hot, the heat wave broke. You’ll be fine.

  4. You could go to the Reunion Center and head to the top of the tower. Pretty impressive views from “the ball”.

    (My wife’s from Dallas, so this is coming from an admitted Yankee tourist, so YMMV.)

  5. If you like Deep Ellum, also head up the street to the Lower Greenville area.

    Might be worth a run over to downtown Fort Worth, too … Sundance Square and the Stockyards have some cool, uniquely Texan, things to do.

    And this time of year, it’s a fairly dry heat, so it may not be as oppressive as you fear.

  6. Aw come on… I live in Houston and ate at Taco Bueno almost daily from ages 14 to like 18 when they closed all the Houston locations. It is the first place I go when visiting Dallas/Ft. Worth area several times a year. Haven’t been sick yet. Maybe I have built up immunity?

  7. Totally recommend having drinks at the top of reunion tower. The restaurant’s overpriced for the quality of food and service, but the drinks and the view are good.

  8. I was just in Dallas two weeks ago, and I had a party with the DFW bloggers – best way to spend a weekend in Dallas EVER! (I do enjoy Sundance Square in FW, too, though)

  9. Ah, forgot about Nasher. It is a good place to spend an afternoon.

    Also, if you lean that way, why not head to Dealy Plaza and check out the Book Repository? Pretty interesting IMNSHO.

  10. Food recommendations from my wife – Gloria’s (El Salvadorian[?] food) in Lower Greenville, as well as Snuffers for their heart attack-inducing cheese fries and Monica’s (used to Eduardo’s, higher end TexMex) in Deep Ellum.

    Also, take a drive down Swiss Ave and check out all the cool old houses.

  11. And if you’re down in the Bishop Arts District, be sure to drop in for a meal at Hattie’s. Best Southern comfort food you will EVER have — don’t miss out on the prosciutto-wrapped figs and save plenty of room for the bread pudding!

    The iconic place for Tex-Mex for me in Dallas is Ojeda’s on Maple, north of Wycliffe and just south of Love Field. I go to Gloria’s when I want subtlety and high flavor in food (try the pollo asado salvatex, and do NOT leave there without having one of their tamales!). For Ojeda’s, it’s queso and grease all the way (chimichangas, baby!) — it’s Bill Clinton’s favorite place to dine in Dallas, and after you eat there, you’ll can see why he’s had heart issues.

    Definitely hit the Nasher Sculpture Garden….and just to say you’ve been there….Dealey Plaza.

  12. so you go to dallas and can’t even make it down to houston for the rest of us poor saps who miss you? ELISSA IS VERY SAD, MATTHEW.

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