Invite on eBay

There is a invite on eBay already. 🙂

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If the Gmail saga is any indication, in a few months, the floor will drop out. The people who got rich selling invites will be leaping from buildings in despair. “All is lost!” they will cry. Such is the fast-paced world of the invite trader. invites on Ebay

There’s already an auction with 10 bids for a invitation on Ebay:…
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Looking at my Options Pannel :
Already Invited Invite Not Used Yet

Heh… maybe I could get in touch with him and ask $10 before he checks his mailbox and gets the invite …

What’s all this about invites? is anyone else concerned that there only seems to be 1 invite. even when gmail started there were a bunch of them floating around on ebay. I guess what i’m saying is i’ll be happy to get an invite but i’m thinking it’ll be a while before they get more public

Hello,I’m the winner of the bid!I just start selling invite on ebay:,I paid it for $46.37,you can pay less to get it this time!
I stayed up all night to make sure I won the bid. As soon as I won the bid, I paid it straight away.
At some point, I really hoped somebody can outbid me, cause the price wents nearly above what I can afford.
I paid $46.37 for it, don’t you think I’m crazy! But my price now on ebay is$10,so you can get it far less then what I paid for!

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