Meebo IM

Meebo is IM Chat 2.0, and in the tradition of many Web 2.0 ventures they have a WordPress blog. Hat tip: Derkilicious.

12 thoughts on “Meebo IM

  1. I’m not sure I see the point in meebo, other than a rarely-useful way to log on from restricted computers. It looks nice, and it works, but my interest ends well short of fascination.

    How is this IM 2.0? Is it because it uses ajax? Needing to leave a browser window open to carry on a conversation (and remain logged in) seems pretty web 0.5 to me. I’d say it’s more or less a pared-back Trillian, run in a browser, with all the limitations that brings with it. IM 2.0 is when I can log in once – to Google Talk, or AIM, or whatever – and talk to someone on any other network. As it stands now, interesting effort, mediocre concept.

  2. some people will always be nay-sayers, and others idiots 🙂
    meebo is an awsome concept, many people arnt able to install programs on their respective machines for whatever reasons, so haveing a web interface come in real handy, what abou when you goto a friends house who dosent have a specific im service installed, just pull up meebo 🙂

    in anycase i too am skeptical to use it tho, due to privacy issues, i dont see any guarentee i can believe that they arnt sjsut harvesting passwords, and that kinda makes me wanna avoid it for now

  3. Yo, good tip – eBuddy looks and works better than Meebo, and it’s all integratged into one browser!

    A really good alternative to Meebo.