Nano Scratches

I got an iPod nano a week or so ago and I’ve been very happy with it ever since. I even got it engraved with one of my favorite jazz quotes because I thought that this would be a device I would keep for a long time. However it has gotten pretty badly scratched, and I haven’t been too hard on it. Kind of a bummer. Update: Just to clarify, I’m fairly hard on electronics but I haven’t treated this iPod any different then the last one and yet it still looks pretty bad. It scratched when I wiped it with a microfiber cloth.

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  1. Scratching seems to be a big issue. The Apple discussion board already has 516 posts about the scratching/breaking of the screen.

  2. Finally a source I can trust… Wait, did I just say I’d trust Matt? Gee, what a scary thought… Anyway, I guess I’ll hold off until gen 2 of the nano before I invest in one. Other than the scratches, how do you like yours Matt? Got any other complaints?

  3. “I get misty the moment you’re near”

    “Speaks Latin, my Satin Doll”

    “Baby’s got blue eyes

    I’d get one of those lyrics above on my nano (if I could it afford it; maybe a job at WordPress Inc. would get me some $$$).

  4. I wish Apple would include a thin clear layer of plastic or vinyl or something on the back of the new ipods. Oh yeah Matt, I know I can sell my 20GB and all my accessories for probably at least $250, would you reccomend making the move to the nano? I have about 8GB of music… thats the only problem.

  5. I got an iPod nano about a week ago and within two days I had scratches on the front. I really liked the design of the new iPod, but I probably won’t buy another iPod until Apple addresses this problem. Very disappointing!

  6. What’s the big deal about nano? I like my regular photo ipod better. YOU ALREADY HAD AN IPOD! Why’d you get nano? Also…which quote did you use?

  7. I’m watching this issue carefully atm. I plan to get one when I’m over in Oakland at halloween.

    Seems that apple got a duff shipment. Not too much of a suprise something has gone wrong… Sounds like you’ve got one of the duff batch, it shouldn’t scratch with just a microfibre cloth…

    At least they are offering to replace ones with issues. However it also seems that people don’t realise that black stuff shows scratches more!

  8. ok how bout everyone quits whining if you have a scratched nano, go buy some brasso polish it up all nice and then buy a protective case(this is personally what i’ll be doing)…apple is not going to replace it because of scratches so find a solution and quit complaining.

  9. Walk into any Apple store, we have four in Chicago, and you will see each nano on display scratched beyond belief. This was true even on day one. I have been an apple user my entire life, and I cannot recall a time where they delived a product 100%…In recent years I should say.

  10. Ok, I hate to get of topic and I hate to have to do this to you, Matt, but you’ve just, a matter of hours after it got to me enough to post about it, confused the words than and then. One has an ‘e’ and one an ‘a’, they are pronounced the same way but have vastly different meanings.


  11. Oops, nothing better (or worse, for me) than a pedant making a mistake in a post/comment (yes, off has two, rather than one ‘f’). I blame Friday drinks. And before you go telling me it’s only Thursday, it’s most definitely Friday afternoon here. 🙂


  12. I was really super worried about scratching the U2 edition that you got me for Christmas last year; Larry solved those fears quickly and cheaply by adding one of those static cling PDA screen protector over the signatures on the back. He had to cut it down to size, but it covers everything, still works in the case, and only has to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.
    I would definately talk to Apple, though. I am very unhappy with them after I was woken up at 1 AM to fix J’s iPod that is only a couple of days old!!!!!!!!!!!! Love , Charleen

  13. of COURSE matt would get a nano 2 seconds after it came out. 😉 i saw a girl running with it on the treadmill the other day and it flew off. i wanted to see it break into a million pieces because it looks so fragile, but it ended up ok.

  14. The nano is a disappointment. I had mine for two school days going to classes in my good old jeans with nice soft pockets and I look at my tiny little nano, that i spent my savings on, has a unbelievable amount of scratches. Every spot has tiny scratches. The screen is also pixelating around the scratches. What so i do? If you are thinking of buying one, 1. Don’t 2. Buy a case and never take it out EVER or else you’ll scratch the hell out of it.

  15. hello
    I bought my black nano 2 weeks ago and it s already scratched, even when kept in the plastic wrap.
    very disapointing for an apple product. As for me . will never buy apple product again.
    Only response from apple: buy a tube from our online store


    I have done this and it works great. Just cut the little tab off from the bottom. The Nano remains fully functional. I also store mine in one of my two-year olds socks. Just to keep it from sliding out of my pocket.

    Why does everyone whine about the thing scratching? I bought it to use it, and that means it’s going to get scratched. You know iPod’s scratch, why does everyone act so surprised?

    If you don’t want any scratches put it in a glass case and set it on your mantle.

    Also for anyone debating on buying a Nano, I love the thing. I previously owned a 15gig 3rd gen. And though it was small, it was still like carrying a cassette tape in your pocket. I can’t even tell the Nano is in there.

    The only solution is for Apple to start making the cases out of some kind of gnarled aluminum (like the plastic on a knife handle) or jeweling the backs, but they seem to like them shiny so we just have to deal with it.

  17. Go to CompUSA, buy “WriteRight” microthin screen protectors by Fellowes, 12 per pack (made for PDA screens). Peel it, carefully apply the adhesive side using the enclosed squeegee to get the bubbles out and then REALLY carefully trim with an X-acto. Cheap, cheap, cheap and you don’t have to wait for the same to be lost by UPS in shipping.

  18. I bought a nano about 3 weeks ago and it alredy has so many scratches that i can barely read it. I’m hoping that when i go to the Apple store and complain they will replace it or fix it and if they dont im pissed

  19. DOES BRASSO WORK?!?!??! I NEED to know! I really want to use it, but.. so many conflicting opinions.. will it ruin my nano????? Is it better just to leave it with its scratches?? Im ordering a cover from Boxwave this sunday, and I want the scratches to be off it, all polished up and all, but now.. can someone honestly tell me they’ve tried it on their own BLACK Nano!? even if you do, how can I tell you’re honest 🙁
    this is really annoying

  20. sorry to tell ya but if tried many polish, creams, and brasso itself, but none has worked fine, yes i know maybe brasso can make an Ipod to look great but this doesnt mean the scratches will be gone, just wait after using brasso a week or two and you will have all the scracht back, the same ones!!, i am still wondering why apple used such a bad material for ipod`s plastic, the best thing you can really do is just sit and watch your scratches cause they will be there forever!!!

  21. yes, that is completly true, i have the same experience, dont buy any Ipod cleaner… i found a way to make my ipod black look better: i just used some permanet black marker over the scratchs, i know they are still there but, al least is so hard to see it, and looks really cool!!! the only way to see them is under a 500 watts lamp, try this!!! really works, bye

  22. Brasso is a VERY BAD idea. I tried in on both an Ipod Photo and two PSPs. The problem is, Brasso contains petroleum distiliates, which not only make your gadgets smell real bad after you’ve applied and then cleaned them (and from what I can tell there is no way to get rid of this smell- they are permanently tainted), but you end up touching these petro chemicals and inhaling them every time you handle your gadget. They make your hands tingle or burn (for lack of a better word) the same way getting gas on your hands does.. it gets under your skin and no amount of washing with remove this feeling. I have tried cleaning the gadgets with liquid soap, and glass cleaner, to no avail… they continue to smell. Considering the high petroleum content of this chemical, I would not even recommend it for polishing metal, such as sinks or faucets, or anything that humans come into contact with.