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Got enough testers for now. Thanks! I’m looking for a few people who do (or used to) get a lot of comment spam who are willing to turn off all of their other spam prevention methods and try a new plugin I’m testing out. Drop me a note on my contact page with details about your blog and how much spam you get. I’ve been dogfooding it for the past few weeks and it’s been working great.

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Interesting… I’m also working on a new plugin under the Hashcash brand, but which is a complete departure from previous efforts. Mine is probabilistic–spammers have a 1e-9 chance of getting through…

Wanna let us in on the secret behind this glorious new plugin, or are you saving that for the big announcement?

And why did you comment on your own post? Momentary amnesia? Forget that is actually you?

[…] WordPress 用の spam よけのフィルタだかプラグインか何だか良くわかりませんがとにかく何か新しい仕組みを、Matt が作っているようです。Photo Matt で「山のように Spam が来ていて実験台になってくれる人」を募集していました。募集は昼過ぎで締め切られましたが。 […]

[…] Het kan zijn dat je tussen de comments een zooi reclame tegen komt. Spam in me mail box, spam op me weblog .. sjugt, en het domme is .. ze moeten hier wel aan verdienen want anders zouden ze het niet doen … Afijn, een hoop reclame weet ik nog wel met behulp van steekwoorden tegen te houden, maar zo nu en dan glipt er 1 tussen door. Iedereen die WP gebruikt zal dit fenomeen de laaste tijd steeds meer en meer tegen zijn gekomen. Maar goed, niets tegen te doen voorlopig help mee met oplossingen tegen de spammers ! « Rondje nieuws…   […]

Spam Prevention

Matt 最近想要發展一種 spam prevention method 取代現有的 Plugins,我猜他應該是想直接牽在 WordPress 裡面:Stop Spam Better。
不過我很好奇的是,目前做得比較好的 Spam Prevention 幾乎是雞尾酒式的方法…

[…] According to figures presented on (who participated in the trial period) 74% of comments received during the trial period were spam. I’d have to agree as most of the comments I get are spam links to online gambling sites and other sleazy stuff. Some look good enough to look like real spam too. It is very frustrating and I am glad that there is a Free service like this. […]

i thought that the contact us or order details of spam sites if filled in with rubbish words (copy and paste) including the credit card details, using as many words as it will take – will give them a headache for a change, fill in as many as you can and get your own back, the more people that do it the better, even if everyone just fillled it in once. somebody must have thought of this already?