Zimbra Groupware

Zimbra looks like a really nice AJAX Outlook replacement.

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I was gonna try that out, but the interface is not too great. I suppose i’ll get it running right now… 😉 Squirrelmail is great but the interface isn’t really either. It would be so awesome if Google released the Gmail system for download. I would shart.

[…] is what says: “Zimbra is a community for building and maintaining next generation collaboration technology.that we can maximize innovation, scale and the ability to co-exist with existing messaging systems.” I’ve tried it myself but since I used the demo version, it’s a bit very slow. ButAJAX on board I’m sure it’s fast on the actual version. And it sure has a catchy name for the ears. Link viaMatt.   #     […]

A few points I would like to raise:

* I personally like the Zimbra interface very much. I recommended the tool in UseNet, having come across this pointer.

* Squirrelmail is terrible from a productivity point-of-view and NeoMail is buggy. For remote mail and handling of several accounts in tandem I use the latest of Horde (formerly Imp), which is fantastic!

* Outlook should not be considered a “gold standard”. Thunderbird with a few extensions and themes is more visually appealing (I use an Aqua theme) and better in terms of functionality. It is also more stable and cross-platform. Version 1.5 is now in Beta and Brent O’Connor gave it the thumbs up today.

* Earlier today I read an article which criticised decisions made arrogantly by the GMail team. Yahoo Mail was said to be superior. if I add links to this comment, I risk being put in the moderation queue…

I personally like the Zimbra web-client interface – and if you’re running it in-house, you can so some minor tweaks of the look and feel by replacing images with your own, if you are up for that. On the other hand, while there are some cool features on the ajax client (conversation view, fast searching, and the cool mouse-overs for addresses, link to Skype, etc), I still connect to my test-Zimbra server with Outlook usually (using the “connector” – and I used the import wizard to import all 8,547 items from my .pst file into Zimbra)

Outlook 2003 really is a pretty good product – my wife uses Thunderbird, with the calendar and contacts extensions for it, and while it’s fine for most things, I still prefer the flexibility that Outlook 2003 has, especially with the “group by” views, etc.

(full disclosure, some partners and I are going to be offering hosted zimbra soon, so I’m obviously biased!)

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