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Google Aggregator

Check out the Google Reader, their new RSS aggregator.

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Google-Reader der neue Online-RSS-Reader von Google

Google bietet jetzt einen Online-RSS-Reader an: Google Reader.
Vom Design her ganz anders als alle anderen – was nach Gmail / Googlemail auch irgendwie logisch ist. So ist bei der Ansicht eines einzelnen RSS-Feeds die Ãœberschriften links positionie…

Google Reader

Google has released a new beta tool, still in the Google Labs area, and here is a short review of Google Reader:

Google has a new service up and running: A RSS reader, and it let’s you search, add and import feed links from other services by …

From Google Corporate Information:

“Google believes in instant gratification. You want answers and you want them right now. Who are we to argue? Google may be the only company in the world whose stated goal is to have users leave its website as quickly as possible. By fanatically obsessing on shaving every excess bit and byte from our pages and increasing the efficiency of our serving environment, Google has broken its own speed records time and again.”

I tried it a few hours ago, and it was … wow, impressively slow. I once built an aggregator, and I suck, and boy, was that thing slow, but this thing isa even slower. WOW GOOGLE! This one is quite the turkey.

I don’t mind that Google likes to mark things as “Beta” for five years at a time, but if they’re going to open such awful monstrosities to the public, could they please label them ALPHA!?

Now … well, it has gotten faster … it serves me a 502 error very swiftly. 🙂

Good luck, GOOGs!!

Google Reader

When I got home from a long day at work, I discovered that Google has finally released their take on a RSS reader: Google Reader (via Photomatt).
It was a little slow when I first tried it (the famous Slashdot effect multiplied by thousands of other …

I found it sorely lacking. First of all, you can’t import OPML from Bloglines unless you decapitate the head portion of the xml, which is BS, it should just work. When you drill down to the posts of a feed, there’s no way to get back to where you were in your feed list before. The only link you get takes you back to the beginning of your feed list! That sucks. The process of adding individual feeds takes too many steps and is far, far too cumbersome.

And, yeah, it’s slow.

Google Aggregator

If only they would release the damn source code for Gmail’s webmail system! Google has done it again, now they have their very own online RSS aggregator system. The interface, although radical in its design, is not that great. It uses some cool …

[…] Oggi, in ritardo rispetto al resto del buzz internettiano, mi sveglio con tutta calma, ordino la mia cameretta, chiamo la mia ragazza, accendo il mio bellissimo PC: sento, come sempre con grandissimo piacere, il suono di campane tintinnanti in lontananza che segnano l’inizio della sessione sulla mia “sempre più bella distribuzione“. Scarico la posta con il mio client, apro il mio browser puntandolo sul mio pannello WordPress, e nella dashboard il caro Matt scrive: Google Reader. […]

[…] You may have a GMail account already. And you probably have heard about GTalk (did you use it?). And now the time comes for Google Reader. And all three of them are still in Beta. Geez. The layout is once again Google-ish, it’s clean and simple. Nice. For now the aggregator seems kind of slow but hey, isn’t this still on Beta? Let’s wait and see if this can match the RSS aggregator I’m currently using. Link from Photomatt. […]