Mixed Feelings

Richard wrote in that the Shanghai Daily has blogs like their Editor’s Desk and Buzzwords (amoung others) on WordPress. However when reading through the site I came across this FAQ: “we need to approve every comment before it is published, as required by Chinese regulations.” It’s interesting how code and features can be used for things you never imagined, both good and bad.

2 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings

  1. Here is another foreign blog that may be of interest. It popped up on my blog Dashboard as being linked.

    It’s a Russian blog on auto racing and by chance it also uses a variation of the same them Almost Spring.

    Also before I forget, a very big thank you for giving me an invite to .com side of the house. I hope I’m worthy, but must admit I’m torn about what topic to concentrate on as it’s subject. I feel very lucky to have my name “drawn out of the hat.” Not as lucky as the guy that just won 340 milion in the powerball draw but lucky just the same.

    Hey here’s an idea, Matt give an invite to whoever raked in that enormous haul of cash to keep a blog on “life after” and a list of the scam artists they must shoo away.

    Thanks again for the invite.