In Las Vegas

After a near-miss and frantic rush this morning the American West flight to Las Vegas was great, the pilot did a small deteour after leaving SFO that took us around the coast of San Francisco and over Fisherman’s Wharf right as the sun was coming up, it was one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. San Francisco is just one of those magical places and I’m grateful for every day I spend there. Now I’m in Las Vegas and it’s surprisingly nippy, I might end up getting one of those awful tourist sweatshirts to stave away the chills. Wifi in McCarran airport is free and fast.

6 thoughts on “In Las Vegas

  1. I remember my first flight to Las Vegas from the east coast. We came in late at night and were flying over nothing. There was no moon, so the only light was from a few stars. It seemed like nothing was visible for over an hour and then a glow appeared on the horizon. Vegas came out of nowhere and was this incredible oasis of light in the middle of nothing. The fact that we landed not far from the strip at McCarran was even more amazing. Since it was 1996, there was no free WiFi.

    Welcome to Sin City. Enjoy your stay. And if you need a tour guide, shoot me an email. 🙂

  2. I went to Vegas this summer, great fun. Aside from the casino’s everywhere and people walking around the streets asking for money, it was a cool place. Now whenever I see Las Vegas on TV, I reconize every big building.

    Anyway, I recommend the Grand Canyon, if you haven’t been there. Long drive to the West Rim (The closest to Las Vegas) but just flip on some tunes and drive your way over there if you have a day of free time. Some real good looking photos await.

    The Star-Trek portion of the big Hilton is actually really good. Specially the “Borg Invasion”.

    If you go to the Stratosphere for dinner, make sure to wear “proper attire”. I wore shorts and I wasn’t let in. Pfft.

    Anyway, Have fun.