Back Online

Sorry to folks that have had trouble getting to the site or sending me email the past few days, the server that hosts and (and nothing else) has been down more often than up, and emails are coming in days late. They replaced the RAM which seems to have been the source of the problem. Now I just need to find someplace in NY with universal chargers so I can get my cells working again and I will be back connected to the civilized world. Update: Since the RAM replacement everything has been rock solid again. Knock on wood.

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[…] Why even Photo Matt was off line. Here is what the Bloglines team had to say: We’re not going to beat around the bush about this. Bloglines performance has sucked eggs lately. Why? In short, Bloglines has been busting at the seams like the Incredible Hulk.All of us here at Bloglines have been foregoing sleep and social lives over the past several months to keep Bloglines running and preparing for our move to a new access center (with bigger britches and a very elastic waistline). […]

RAM failure is the nasty gremlin of today’s commodity PC server market. Bad RAM seems to crap out either immediately or after 3 months of service. Planning for such subtle failure is fun but challenging!