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So the next trip to Europe I’ll have to catch the Netherlands and Germany, I’ve met some fantastic WordPress users (and future users) from both. There is someone on stage from a German media organization talking about how they’ve begun emphasizing blogs much more in their publication, Focus. After browsing a bit I noticed that (yes that’s MSN) is all WordPress blogs — cool! What’s interesting about being Open Source is that the software turns up places you would never suspect or know about.

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  1. If Focus is indeed using WordPress, then they’re taking some care in concealing it: The credits go to a homegrown CMS, the copyright is to “Microsoft and their suppliers”. But WP seems to be running somewhere in the backend, as has already been pointed out in this discussion

  2. I also did’t see a hint to WordPress on the Focus-Blog. Now that I appended “wp-admin”, I saw it, too.

    But isn’t this a GPL violation? Tomorrow Focus Technology has adapted WordPress for Focus. I’m sure these are two different companies. So wouldn’t they have to publish the source code and make it easily available?

    btw, it’s just unfair not to credit WordPress. I won’t get rid of the feeling that some companies are ashamed for using OSS.

  3. Focus is using WP for a while now – what, you didn’t know? πŸ˜‰
    A section at, called “wp sightings” or something like that would be handy, especially if users could submit new sites like Focus, Yahoo, etc. …

  4. Just adding to BjornW’s comment: I seriously doubt you’ll ever have to buy your own beer in the Netherlands… If you do visit, drop me a line, and I’ll be a happy part of all the bloggers picking up your bar tab πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Matt,

    great that you come to Germany: I’d like to meet you, I live in Magdeburg, so when you come across, please call me. And I of course would buy you some drinks, a beer? We have the best in Germany πŸ˜‰

    The MSN thing: It is quite often, that magazines packt with MSN. They are hosting their pages and MSN gets a lot of visitors, so it gets more and more popular. In here it wasn’t popular at all but they found THIS effective way to get useres.


  6. Matt, where in Netherland will you visit? I think you are not going to miss Amsterdam, right? Well I live in Utrecht, but i’d like to know which places you’ll visit and please tell us in advance about what you think about this country ok πŸ™‚

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