Northen Voices

I’ll be speaking at the Northern Voices conference in a few months. Will be my first time in Canada.

14 thoughts on “Northen Voices

  1. Congratulations, Matt! Now all you have to do is wait for Dori Smith to excoriate you for being on a panel at a Canadian-centric conference when you’re clearly anything but Canadian. I mean, really, WTF?

  2. Remember to try the “bacon”

    Yea, I fell for that too… Canadian Bacon sounds great…and looks great (so big) until you realize it’s not really bacon.

    Con Artists they are.

    Would also be cool if you plant an American flag and try to annex them for the US. They have no military, so fear not, it’s easy.

  3. Well you really won’t get much of a feeling of Canada by visiting Vancouver. Its quite different from other places in the country. Looks like a city that belongs to another country across the ocean.

  4. We just ran into the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim down at First Beach. Canadians undressing and being obviously intoxicated in public. Not what they usually do, but not a bad start to the new year.

  5. You don’t have to go too far outside Vancouver to get a feeling of what Canada is like. I live 1 hour outside Vancouver in Chilliwack and I have the best of all worlds. The mountains surrround me, I have lakes within 10 minutes, skiing within 30 minutes and Vancouver a very metropolitan city within 1 hour. For a first visit to Canada there is a lot to see.

    Looking forward to meeting you at Northern Voices and hopefully you will have sometime to visit outside Vancouver to see what the West Coast of Canada has to offer.

  6. hope you can make it for the Open source CMS and blog tools summit which boris and i are organizing in Vancouver at the same venue the Tuesday to Thursday before i.e. Feb 7-9th!

    and also for some pre and post skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, of course!

  7. The left coast is a wonderous place. Just don’t expect snow in Vancouver… probably shouldn’t expect snow in Chilliwack either. =)

    If I end up biting the bullet and going to NV06, maybe I’ll have to stop and say hi!

  8. First, I’m not Canadian (though I live in Seattle right near by) & even I know that Canada has an army. In fact, a USAF pilot dropped a few bombs on Canadian troops fighting with us in Afghanistan. So let’s set things straight here.

    Vancouver does NOT look like it belongs in another country. It looks like it belongs on the Pacific coast & there are many towns & cities that resemble it in character & landscape. It’s a wonderful city.

  9. Matt,
    You should jump on a plane and come up here to Dawson Creek…then you will get a sense of northern Canada. :^) Vancouver is indeed a wonderful city, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much.