A pro-PHP Rant

Harry Fuecks – A pro-PHP Rant. Hear hear. Sometimes I feel guilty about how easy it has been to scale WordPress.com from 1 to 110,000 blogs in just a few months.

5 thoughts on “A pro-PHP Rant

  1. On the WP.com scaling note… As much as you guys keep bragging about this whole 100,000 blogs thing, that’s something I think would make a pretty interesting blog entry (series?) in itself. I imagine the majority of your readers aren’t running public services that support hundreds of thousands of users and millions of page views (not that we wouldn’t like to be…).

    For those of us who do not currently and never have previously run such services, it would be quite interesting to hear about some of the scalability challenges you’ve had (if any), and some of the things you did from the start that helped optimize the way things were done and (hopefully) prevent some of the possible bottlenecks you could have hit, had you not planned ahead.

    One thing I’ve enjoyed being a part of the FeedLounge alpha and beta is hearing what Scott and Alex have been doing to make sure they can support as many users as possible on as little hardware as possible (and thereby saving as much money as possible). I think a WP.com version of that same experience would keep everyone… well, spellbound. What have you guys done, what do you think was the most important, and what would you do differently from the start if you could?

    Come on, give all those hungry WordPress addicts out there with all these great ideas some tips! 😉

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about that, but I think it’s still too early to write that. Maybe when we hit the 500k-million mark I’d feel more confident about what we’ve done and advocating it to smaller sites.

    To put it another way, it’s only been a few months. It needs more time to be distilled into “best practices.”