There is some joker wannabe hacker pretending to me and asking others for sensitive information. Here are some tell-tale signs: IMing from a misspelled version of my IM addresses, like “saxmat02”; emailing from a gmail account with my name; using bad English (more than I normally do); asking for passwords, etc. These are all things I’d never do. If you ever have any doubt that the person you’re talking to might not be me, just call me on my cell or use one of the other contact methods here.

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I used to worry about people’s ability to write self-derogatory blog comments, newsgroups posts, and mailing list messages ‘on behalf’ of somebody else. I saw it happening many times before (example below). The least you can do is embrace PGP for signatures. No less. Not everyone can spot IP addresses and track them. People can nymshift without restrictions.

Wait… I though *this* blog was the fake. You mean to tell me that I got duped by paypaling $3000 for the sneak peak at WP3.0.

ARGH! I always do this!

I’m gonna go jump off that bridge I bought.