Too many CMSes?

Content vs. Context, on the issue of the multitude of CMSes. I just picked up two books on a related issue I’m looking forward to reading: The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz and The High Price of Materialism by Tim Kasser.

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What a funny little world. Someone commenting on Scott Karp’s Publishing 2.0 blog says to stop trying to impress PhotoMatt, and on a lark, I cruise on over here. This issue of Context, and specifically Context Management, is the very thing that I’ve been writing about over at for the past couple of months.

I agree whole heartedly that there are too many choices of CMSs, and as I commented on Jono’s link above, that’s just a small representation of the choice fatigue that is being created by the content explosion that is occuring as a result of all of those CMSs. Context Management is the idea that each person can leverage their own signal-to-noice filter out to the masses, and Amazon-sytle, let the collaborative filtering process decide which filters are best (recursive filtering, gotta love it!).

Thanks Matt, for being someone that others want to stop impressing. Otherwise, I may never have found this chain of links.

And that’s what context is all about.

– David