Awesome Spellchecker

We now have inline-spellchecking on, and it will be in core for WordPress 2.1. It works a lot like Gmail, certainly one of the best I’ve seen in any web editor. Automattic sponsored the good folks at Moxiecode to develop this feature. All GPL, natch.

22 thoughts on “Awesome Spellchecker

  1. Brendan: I believe you mean JavaScript, not Java. Entirely different beasts (thank goodness!) Also, the feature is part of TinyMCE, so if you have it dissabled, you won’t be able to use the feature. (TinyMCE being the WYSIWYG component in WP)

  2. This is great to see, but what about us “hard core” people who still like to roll their own? In the windows environment, Aspellfox doesn’t work, and spellbound (both for mozilla browsers) isn’t compatible with the latest version of firefox. Does anyone know of a solution for the rest of us?

    I already use the Ajax Spell Checker plugin, and it seems to destroy HTML that it doesn’t understand (like header 2 tags!!!)

  3. I’m a little concerned with how much stuff seems to be getting rolled into the core recently. Is this feature going to continue to be implemented as a plugin, or bolted on permanently?

  4. I really hope this becomes available for non-WYSIWYG users. Some of us (*cough* me) like the feel of making your own code. Kind of like how people cook at home, despite fast food being available. Please oh please make it available for non-wysiwyg users.

  5. This plugin works just fine for me in WordPress 2.0.2, for the non-wysiwyg editor. At least, I don’t remember editing it… but you never know… I’ve fallen asleep at my keyboard and woken up to PHP code on the screen. πŸ˜‰

  6. “Smart enough to code, smart enough to spell.”
    Hmm… do know this question about the non-RTE and spell will be asked again and again and again… so why not sponsor a non-RTE version?

  7. No need to sponsor anything, there are already several plugins that do spell-check for non-RTE, and they work really well. RTE spell checking was much more of a challenge.

  8. The latest of Konqueror comes with inline-spellchecker ‘out of the box’; Firefox has plugins; I am not too sure about Opera because it contains nothing as such ‘out of the box’.

    Copying to external editors is easy and generalisable, just as a last resort. In my case, +A (highlight all), +C, +E (for editor invocation), +V, +T+S (spellchecking), then +A (highlight all), +C, +V. It takes only a few seconds and works for *any* application.

  9. >Probably not going to happen for non-wysiwyg users. Smart enough to code, smart enough to spell. πŸ˜‰

    Matt: How long have you been looking at source code before you made that statement? πŸ˜€ 5 seconds?

    Is there a technical limitation causing non-wysiwyg support to be neglected? Or is it purely a timeline issue?

  10. Just tried it out today on It works great. Does this work with any version of TinyMCE? I know there are several CMSs that use TinyMCE (or a version of it).