Front Row

WOW. The new Front Row remote control feature is amazing. I can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more coverage. If I had a TV, this would make a fantastic digital hub. Actually it looks pretty darn good on a regular monitor.

4 thoughts on “Front Row

  1. I got a remote bundled with my new iMac so I’ve had a go at it too. It’s fun, but it still feels a little beta to me. Inserting a DVD causes a fight between plain vanilla DVD player and Front Row player. Unless that’s a feature. I’m not thrilled about the first photo in my iPhoto deck unalterably showing up *every* bloody time I go into the photo gallery either. And don’t get me started on how slow it is reading my videos folder, which consists of a few modest megs of cameraphone snaps. YMMV naturally, I’d have just expected a bit more polish.

    Nice eye candy though, and I loooove the way they’ve got the remote control mounting on the side of the iMac when not in use. I won’t spoil it for you, but check it out next time you’re near a newer model iMac.

  2. Pity it doesn’t work with the Powerbooks tho. Which make the Keynote feature pretty useless. Also, although in theory is an infrared device ot does work also from behind my iMac.