12 thoughts on “USBPress

  1. Rock!

    Blue-Sky-Dream: if you could work offline with wp and sync it online 🙂 We need working import/export for that, but it should be easy once that’s done.

  2. The ‘web server on a stick’ software recommended looks good, but I highly recommend XAMPP. Besides stellar line up of pre-installed mod’s, I find the ability to have identical portable apache2/mysql5/php4+5 setups for linux and windoze awesome.

    (no, I don’t have anything to do with the project, I just think they make a good product 🙂

  3. Andrew – I like Xampp too. I only grabbed that one and used it because I ran across WOS while looking for another USB app. I also had NO idea that this would generate so much interest !

  4. WHY? Anyone with an internet connection can be shown WordPress that way, and anyone without an internet connection is (for obvious reasons) unlikely to be interested in seeing WordPress.