Last Meals

Dead Man Eating is a weblog dedicated to documenting the last meals of death row inmates. Morbidly fascinating. There seems to be a lot of fried chicken. The weblog also includes things people have sent in as what they would have as their last meal, which generally seems to be enough food to feed a small village.

9 thoughts on “Last Meals

  1. Fried chicken should not come as a surprise, because it’s delicious. :p I still think I’d go for barbecue chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese, though…

    But, you know, I think I’ll just not commit a crime worthy of the death penalty, and I think I’ll have a lot more of those meals in the long run. XD

  2. I think I’d go for something exotic. Either BBQ Bald Eagle or something like that… might as well go making news for making a really wierd and obscene request.

  3. i don’t like how they bold seemingly random things… is that for emphasis? since every other line is bolded it feels like nothing is really important.
    i think that if i were to have a “last meal” i would go ahead and drink a dr pepper, despite the caffeine allergy, because it wouldn’t matter in an hour anyway.

  4. I think the perfectlast meal would be Lasagna with fried chicken of coarse with hot sauce, chef salad with blue cheese dressing, and hot peach cobbler, with sweet tea nad lemonade mixed evenly over rice and a real metal spoon and fork to eat with since I am carefully being watched ever second oh dont forget my napkin please

  5. 1 jar skippy super chunk peanut butter
    1 jar smukers stawberry preserves
    1 loaf of bread
    6 fried eggs over easy
    Bucket of KFC classic recipe with the works
    pumpkin pie with whipped cream
    gallon of milk
    2 beef buritto’s and 4 beef tacos with salsa and sour cream

    and whatever else I could get away with!