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  1. I´ve used WP as a CMS on a few sites and I´m constantly surprised with how simple it is to customize. Keep up the good work!

  2. …And without requiring any knowledge of HTML, CSS, FTP, or other acronyms.

    Except for the fact that the you probably will need to know how to use said acronyms; at least FTP, anyway. Unless you host with Yahoo, in which case you can just forget everything I said.

  3. Matt–

    This is pretty cool. Reminds me of a conversation we had about a year ago. Two questions–should we use WordPress for our firm’s website? And, more generally, how far will WordPress go as a CMS, and in what scenarios would a traditional CMS make more sense?

  4. Yes, I’ve been busy using WP2.0 as a CMS of sorts. It is highly expandable, much easier to use than Mambo/Joomla, and seems to be less resource heavy esp. with the great plugin wp-cache

    I’m excited about its future.


  5. I just don’t get this. WordPress off the box lets you create static pages, posts, upload images or files, add comments and reply to comments from users. In short, it lets you manage content. How the f** WP is not a CMS to certain people ??

  6. Yes, it is indeed a great blogging tool that can be used as a CMS. However, IMHO, to be more effective it should improve:

    – Search (especially relevancy)
    – Extensibility, by providing support for multiple content types: Today, if I want to add another content type, e.g., events, it has to be done from scratch, or the post has to be disguised as an event. In the former case, other aspects of the WordPress, like the loop, search will not work with the new content type by default. And in the latter, the disguised post as an event might get expensive on space.

    Having said this WordPress is still excellent and much better than other CMSs in some cases. The features of multiple hierarchical categories and pages are very useful.

  7. I’ve been using it for several sites…and finally used it on my site. I love it…and now that I have a little time I have taken advantage of several aspects (Posts, Pages, etc) and still building upon my personal site. Thanks Matt…for such a great product!


  8. Abhijit, I understand that the larger point you raise isn’t resolvable with quick fixes, but if you want the loop and search tools to work with your ‘event’ then semantically your event is just a post or page item, right? You can just drop a post of that sort into a special category and stuff extra metadata in postmeta. ‘Expensive on space’ is a red herring–it’s just text right?

    I’ll concede that it leaves one with a bad sort of taste in the mouth, ie. it’s like a bandaid.

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