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Harvard Blogs WordPress

The Harvard Berkman Center blog server has been switched to WordPress. This means anyone with a email address can get a WordPress blog on theri domain in seconds. They’re using MU.

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Can you say something about where WordPressMU is going, and whether proper “stable” releases will start to appear, with better documentation? Presumably it’s now running stably on but it would be nice to have better info for those of us wanting to set up a blog server.

on a second note, I think that more and more people will be inclined to use MU than earlier now that it has a great example in the form of as I noted earlier people who wanted multiple blogs were a bit hesitant to use it, but now they see the successful implementation & the development is picking up, so they’ll feel better using a nighly release. 🙂 when’s the stable release scheduled to roll out btw?