Trying Shangri-La

So I’m going to take a whack at this “Shangra-Li Diet” thing I’ve read about on several blogs, most notably here. I’m not having a weight crisis, but I think 5-10 pounds would put me in a healthier class for my height. I bought the book and read it this morning, it basically just repeats itself a lot and seems to have a lot of filler, but it may be useful to some folks as a motivator. You can get all the important details from various blogs. Mostly I’m interested in it to see if the mind hacking really works, and I’m willing to endure Glenda making fun of me about trying something out of a diet book for the sake of you guys ;). Apparently I don’t own any sugar, extra light olive oil, or a scale, but I’ll post updates as I get going. Update: The author has a WordPress blog.

14 thoughts on “Trying Shangri-La

  1. I’ll also try to loose 5-10 pounds, but I’ll try jogging instead of the “Shangra-Li Diet” (which I’ve never heard of). I’ll check here how the diet works for you, though.

  2. Trade you, Matt. I’m underweight (though not according to the computatinoalish thing you linked to) at 165/6’0. I could use some extra weight. Must. Eat. More. Barbecue.

  3. Have you thought of potential lifestyle changes that may make losing weight easier? Diets don’t usually work because you have to change your food intake for the rest of life.

    I briefly flirted with car-ownership last year and discovered that I had gained five pounds in less than month of driving (while eating more healthily than before). I only walk four blocks to and from the bus everyday, but that made a pretty big difference in my weight. If you can rework your daily routine to include some kind of physical activity that you can’t avoid, you’re well on the way to a healthier weight.

  4. People who have used the diet to lose as much weight as they wanted to, do report needing to stay on maintenance. But it seems worth it. I’ve been on it for six months and I’m quite willing to keep on it for the rest of my life if that is what it takes.

    As I’ve lost weight, I’ve made a lot of changes, now that I can exercise like I do now. But, the change in mental state is what I’m most happy about.

  5. Starting that Shangri-La diet myself today with about 10kg to lose, let’s see how that works. Thanks for the links about that diet 🙂

    For those willing to do some jogging to lose weight, you’d be surprised how hard it is to lose weight that way (except if you’re crazy enough to run before eating anything in the morning).

  6. Hi there!

    As personal trainer and experienced sportsman and with lots of diets tried i can only recommend not to do any diet!!!!!!

    Your body is smart and would tell you: You don’t give me enough food? ok I will loose some pounds in the beginning until I have adjust and then try to keep my weight… then as you don’t give me enough to eat I will, once I get something to eat, convert it directly into fat and preserve it, because I know I might not get
    enough in along time…

    Got what I am trying to say?

    What you have to do is change your lifestyle!

    -Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
    -Walk short distances instead of taking the car.
    -Get up half an hour ealry and walk around the block.
    -Train in a gym… more muscles burn more energy.. this means simply by getting a bit more tense and slightly in shape you will loose double weight… once for exercising and twice for having more muscle and an aumented need of energy…
    -Change eating habbits! for a diet and loosing weight eat a bit more protein instead of to many carbohydrates… just a little bit more though… some more fish e.g. and less pasta and potatoes. reduce fat. eat more vegetables and fruit.
    -Eat slowly, chew properly and only eat 75% of what you normally eat. and try not to fill your plate over over again. Put food on you plate once… then put 25% back into the pot and eat what you have on the plate… not more not less.
    -have breakfast! and don’t eat too late in the evening… unregular eating habbits will cuase the body to store whatever it can get once you eat!!! Eat 3 times a day plus 2 or 3 little bytes in between (Apple, Orange, Yoghourt, Salad- NOT TOO MUCH DRESSING THOUGH)

    Diets don’t work in the long term… our body has needs and will adjust to any unnatural diet!

    Lead an active life style.. Go out instead of sitting in front of the TV!
    Practice team sports if you don’ like working out!
    Don’ have too high expectations… it took a long time to gain your kilos and will take some time to get rid of them. Diets are only short term and the body will adjust to the diet.. and once you eat normal again it will store even more (YoYy effect) as it was used to suffer!
    Too many diets can finally make it impossible to educate your body and digestion and lead to extreme obeassity!

    Hope that helps!

  7. So how’s it going? You said you’d post updates… :\

    Bought and read the book, but I’m looking for opinions of people I know are reputable before starting…