Dodgy Mouse and Keyboard

After several days of mysterious mouse jumps, keys getting “stuck” on the keyboard and repeating over and over, and varioun non-responsiveness of my computer, I was extremely frustrated. I tried moving the wireless reciever five different places, re-compiling synergy, scanning for spyware, etc. Of course everything was fixed by putting new batteries in the wireless mouse and keyboard. Noticing a theme? I should get sponsorship from Energizer.

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Two words: rechargeable batteries. Much better than they used to be and quite responsible for things that tend to eat batteries, and not too pricey given how long they last.

When you wrote about a dodgy mouse for some reason I thought Dodgey – like it would have a Hemi. OK, it’s been a long morning.

Overlooking the obvious is always a problem… can’t believe how many times I’ve been stuck by obvious problems. Of course I also had a friend who was told on five separate occasions that he needed a new engine when the problem was carb tuning or a leaky vacuum hose…

Haha…Just happend to me. I removed a bunch of software I had installed. Restored back a week. Moved it from PS2 to USB. Tried different USB ports. Removed all USB devices. I thought the thing was ok because the light was on under the mouse. THen having exhausted everything else. I changed the batteries. I need to get more sleep.
Very synchronous post.

My own wireless keyboard/mouse tend to act up like that all the time; I’ve had the things so long that by now it’s just an automatic reaction to replace the batteries whenever something acts up. Right now I have three mice, one keyboard… and in case I don’t have the right kind of batteries, I have a ton of spare mice/keyboards anyway, so I just plug in one of my wired ones until I have my Duracells back ๐Ÿ™‚

Considering how close my keyboard is to the mouse anyway, sometimes I wonder if it really is worth it having a wireless keyboard. I am yet to go through the who battery thing, but I think that would just push me to returning to a wired keyboard. ๐Ÿ™‚