Lifehacker Poll

Lifehacker readers really like WordPress, right now as I link this WP is at 74.4% with 293 votes in their “best standalone blogging application” poll.

10 thoughts on “Lifehacker Poll

  1. Interesting. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised to see drupal in the list… and seems like a pretty sparse selection. Should maybe just be “does WP pwn MT?” – in which case we all know he answer 😉

    Congrats, nonetheless!

  2. I think possibly the poll on the site revolves over a certain number of votes, as WordPress is now in last place with 1 vote and the total votes (>1100) is much greater than the sum of votes shown. Still good for WP, though – you have my vote!

  3. I had reservations about using WP and stuck it out with some undersupported and over-featured PHP based CMS junk for way too long. I’m glad I made the swith and I’ll never look back.