New Publishing Model

Jason Calacanis on the new publishing model.

One reply on “New Publishing Model”

I think the problem is that the ad agencies shot themselves in the foot iwth their policies. If you’re small, they don’t touch you. If you reach the proper size, they give you a quarter CPM. They only want to work with the big advertisers that don’t need them. Google works so well because (a) they target their ads better than most and mainly (b) they work with ANYONE and do so on terms that make them work the work even if you have a huge site and can afford to sell to individual advertisers.

I will say that if we had a dedicated sales person we _might_ be able to get better than Google revenues from banners and such, but I doubt it. Companies will, in my experience, pay ad agencies more than individiual sites, and you have to be B*I*G to get most companies’ attention as an indivdual site. They outsource ad placement to agencies to save time and energy for more important things, … for example, Chrylser needs time to think up ads that will eliminate any loyal customers.