Amazon Grocery Update

Remember the TP Amazon Grocery order I blogged about before? Here’s how it ended up. Don’t think I’ll use Amazon Grocery again. I went to Safeway yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Amazon Grocery Update

  1. I’ve been using Safeway’s online shopping for a few months. While I can’t say the service has been 100% acceptable, when there has been an error, they have bent over backwards to correct it.

    I am a devoted Safeway shopper.

  2. Why not just use newspaper? They deliver every morning.

    Just don’t use the NY Times… they just cut the size of the paper a bit, so you pay the same thing for less surface area.

  3. lol @ matt… seriously, Safeway may not be the ‘lowest’ priced store, but I’ve never had an issue with quality… they have always been top notch at standing behind what they sell. I can’t say the same for the #2 chain in US.

  4. Just as an alternate datapoint, I ordered a case of Charmin Giant Rolls from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and chose the free super-saver (not Prime) shipping. It arrived a week later.

    Also, I can’t believe I’m talking about toilet paper on the internet.

  5. Matt, I would assume you contacted them about the lengthy delivery time? And frankly, in the grand scheme of life these days, this whole discussion is more than a bit silly.