BayCHI Speaking Reminder

Just a reminder, I'm speaking on "The First 100k Users…" at BayCHI tonight. Hope to see some of my peninsula peeps. Update: Just got back, the auditorium was packed and the audience was great — full of energy. Bill Scott's presentation on Designing for AJAX was really fun.

7 replies on “BayCHI Speaking Reminder”

  1. Hey Matt. It was great meeting you tonight. Also, I’d like to note that if you query Yahoo! with “Matt”, you’re #1. The only thing we’re missing is an “I Feel Lucky” button.

  2. good to meet you! so, i should check back here for your future san francisco events? or do you email? curious- why did you use your family tree email address for wordcamp instead of a different one?

  3. wow! i didn’t think you would’ve found my little blog. Thanks for the leaving a comment and I would be interested in hearing you share more of your experiences.

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