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Leaving Microsoft

Niall Kennedy is Leaving Microsoft, apparently the crazy market reaction to the investment changed a lot of what he had been promised on being hired. In some ways it's too bad big companies haven't figured out how to hold on to driven and entrepreneurial spirits like Niall yet, but on the other hand I'm pretty excited to see what he has cooking for his startup.

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I only just met Niall on Friday, but this doesn’t surprise me at all. He seemed too much at home among the WordCamp crowd and the startup crowd to be working for a lumbering giant like Microsoft. Their loss, our gain. Congrats, Niall, and I’m also looking forward to what’s next for you!

I tend to agree with Smoove D, although I suppose that Microsoft will have done at least some research into it up front to be sure it would appeal to a certain amount of users. And I do know some which absolutely love the entire Live thing.

Just left MS myself after many years. While not in Niall’s org, I can relate to the lure of startups and the lack of energy at MS. There’s a lot of activity, but it’s quite “organizationally” stifled. Looking forward to his next endeavors.