8 replies on “When You Can’t Get Started”

  1. Matt, Thanks very much for (1) finding my post and (2) putting a link on your site. I am just a novice blogger and because of you, I got more hits today than on any day so far. Another good thing – it led me back to you. I will be spending some time looking at all the interesting things you’ve got posted here on Photo Matt.

  2. Years ago I heard a quote attributed to Hemingway. He said when you’re having trouble getting started, just write one true sentence. Anything. Could be from the beginning, the middle, the end – it doesn’t matter. Just write one true sentence. It gets you going. I have remembered this and not had writer’s block since.

  3. Thanks for the link Matt. You’re always a good source for information. After reading around Judy’s site, it seems she has some really good information to share. I learned a few things, so it’s all good.

  4. That is indeed some very helpful information though I usually find that my inability to write is a result of a stress-related-mental block. I generally find that when I take a good long soak in the tub, all the ideas just start flowing. You need to put your mind at rest and suddenly there is creativity.

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