When You Can’t Get Started

When You Can’t Get Started Writing. I found this through the tag surfer.

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Matt, Thanks very much for (1) finding my post and (2) putting a link on your site. I am just a novice blogger and because of you, I got more hits today than on any day so far. Another good thing – it led me back to you. I will be spending some time looking at all the interesting things you’ve got posted here on Photo Matt.

Years ago I heard a quote attributed to Hemingway. He said when you’re having trouble getting started, just write one true sentence. Anything. Could be from the beginning, the middle, the end – it doesn’t matter. Just write one true sentence. It gets you going. I have remembered this and not had writer’s block since.

Thanks for the link Matt. You’re always a good source for information. After reading around Judy’s site, it seems she has some really good information to share. I learned a few things, so it’s all good.

That is indeed some very helpful information though I usually find that my inability to write is a result of a stress-related-mental block. I generally find that when I take a good long soak in the tub, all the ideas just start flowing. You need to put your mind at rest and suddenly there is creativity.

[…] For my first BlogDay 2006 post I’ve decided to showcase a Blog on called “Writing English.” I found a link to this site yesterday on Matt’s site, and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Most people struggle to use the English language correctly, and I’ve found that this is true even among native speakers. The problem with English is we tend to make it up as we go along. If we have an expression to voice but no word to do it justice, we simply make one up. Or we borrow one from another language. […]