7 thoughts on “AIM Light

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I was previewing the new AIM Pro app, but it sucks almost as much as Triton. This client is lightweight, fairly easy on the eyes… It’s shame I have to use this at all, but I suppose it’s better than the alternative.

  2. I’ll agree with Elessar. Why use a neutered version of AIM when you could have a small, stable and feature-rich alternative program? I think it would have been better if AOL opened the protocol rather than made a “light” client.

  3. Who knows when T4 will be out…. The reason I love Google Talk is because it’s lightweight, barebones software. This new version of AIM is the same way. The interface is a bit lacking, but that can be forgiven. The fact that it’s an ad-free, lightweight IM client is the reason I’m making it my default.

  4. I personally prefer GAIM to AIM/LAIM/AIM Pro or Trillion. Although it isn’t as bright or colorful as the others, it is easy on system resources and it gets the job done. Oh, and another bonus, it’s open source so you can mod it if you don’t like, and it’s been ported to many different operating systems for all you multi-boot people.