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MU Goes Gold

Just announced the 1.0 release of WordPress MU, and also put a plug for bbPress in there. Releasing feels so incredibly good, it’s almost indescribable. We should do it more often. 🙂

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[…] According to Matt, to install WordPress MU is a little bit more complex than the usual 5 minute install of regular WordPress, sorry to say that i’m not very sure how complex the installation is, but WordPress MU had gone through more than a year of heavy development before it’s stable enough to release to the public. […]

Thanks very much for labelling the release last week with an official 1.0, i.e. “out-of-beta”, tag. This will help us convince people that it’s safe to adopt.

We have just made it work for our DIY community at; it seems to be really stable, far beyond our testing approach, and we are really proud of it! Keep up the good work, and enjoy releasing 🙂