SlimDevices Goes To Logitech

Om says SlimDevices has been sold to Logitech. I currently have 3 of their Squeezboxes around my house and love them, I syncronize the audio so no matter what room I’m in the music is the same. Logitech is another one of my favorite companies, or at least one of the ones I give all my money to. I’m a mouse and keyboard junkie, trying new ones whenever there’s a good upgrade. I’ve been bouncing between Microsoft and Logitech, but the new Revolution series mouse with the frictionless scroll has got me hooked, laptop and desktop version. Two companies I like getting together. 🙂

6 thoughts on “SlimDevices Goes To Logitech

  1. How ‘touchy’ is the scroll on those anyways?
    I played around with them at Fry’s electronics the other day, and the ability to let it spin wild and then stop it (with a slight bit of something like rug burn, didn’t hurt though) was mildly amusing to me.

    Are there any measurable benefits to the ‘frictionless’ design?
    I’ve always thought that loose scrolling can be terribly annoying, because without ‘click locks’, it sometimes goes at it’s own pace, and somewhat randomly.

  2. I’m addicted to the Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000, because it has horizontal scrolling abilities. I have to get one for my home computer, and one for my laptop. My only complaint? Oddly, the Intellepoint Software interacts badly with the medical database software that we use.

  3. How do you like the Rev. MX? My mighty mouse scroll ball has gotten awful dirty. Veloso told me he loves it so that was good enough word for me. I overnighted it via newegg. Should arrive this Friday. =)