El Pais Interview

There has been a ton of media attention here at the blog conference in Spain. Friday and Saturday were a whirlwind of TV and newspaper interviews. The most in-depth, I believe, was from Pablo Fenandez in El Pais and is now available online in Spanish. There is something really special going on here in Spain with blogs, the people are full of such energy and passion that it’s definitely going to be a space to watch over the coming years.

13 thoughts on “El Pais Interview

  1. Nice article. Enjoyed reading it. Too bad the event is in Sevilla and not in Barcelona. That would make it a lot easier to visit 😉

    Anything special going on at EBE?

  2. Thank you so much for coming. I guess you’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean right now 🙂

    To hear someone speaking this way about his projects – happiness can be felt through your face – it’s really inspiring. And that give us new strenght to try to convert our little ideas into something useful.

    Thanks for being so kind, for giving me a sticker – ‘though I didn’t ask anything – and for taking a really nice picture with me. It’s on my WP blog, in case you want to see your funny face on that moment 😉

    You will be more than welcome anytime if you come back to Spain. Cheers!


  3. Interview in “El País” was so important for expand the information about blogs and new net corporations that works with Open Source and things like that, above all people that haven’t any idea of these kinds of movements.

    I like to said: Thanks Matt, for everything, without you the Blog Event Spain 2k6 wasn’t be the same.

    Greattings from Mechanical the guy of the difficult questions and excuse my bad English. 😉