45 thoughts on “500,000

  1. What would be more interesting to know is how many of those are actually active.

    Are there any nice statistics that shows the posting frequency and that alike?

  2. I am very proud with WordPress and its achievements. A true success story of opensource and community power.

  3. Now if you only had $1 per blog 🙂

    Or maybe you do……

    Any idea what the post distribution looks like? Are most of these just casual bloggers or do they really get traffic?



  4. Wow not bad. But it is no wounder, because WordPress is one of the best weblog systems on the market. Reasons?
    Its Free, easy to use, fast, a lot of functions etc.
    Keep on the good work and soon the will be 1.000.000 wordpress blogs 🙂
    Regards DerZeiger

  5. Including several thousands of splogs… 😉 But congrat anyway. And I have reported one of them to your support team. The respond and removal of that splog was within some hours. Exelent responde-time. 🙂

  6. Congratulations to all involved. I was amazed at the extreme ease of use (before I used xoops, and before that hand-coding). Thanks for making the web an even more exciting place to be – and a more democratic one!

  7. Great news wordpress! I’ve been a loyal user since April and I couldn’t have reached the traffic levels I’ve got on my DogBoston.com website without the ease of use (and the plugins) of WordPress.org software… Without WordPress, it would have been a LOT harder to get where we are today.

    Congratulations and thanks for providing this great tool!

  8. I’m really glad to be a part of this awesome “phenomenon”. I can’t wait to reach the “1 millionth” mark. I predict: year 2012. Thanks to wordpress for helping me put my face on the internet.