In Seville, Spain

I’m going to be in Spain this week for Evento Blog España. It will be my first time in Spain or Seville, so if you have any tips please leave them in the comments. I’ll be bringing a huge stack of WP stickers, and if there are any WordPress users in the area I’d love to get together, just drop me an email.

12 thoughts on “In Seville, Spain

  1. I had liked to know you personally because I´m WordPress user and development some things but I have one reunion familiar and I don´t go this event. I hope that you like the spanish food.


  2. Seville is a great city, especially this time of year when the heat isn’t unbearable.

    I’m a WordPress blogger in Spain, nowhere near Seville, but I’m not Spanish and my blog is in English.

    It’s funny how you can tell the Spanish commenters, like cinefilo here, by their apostrophes. I have an English keyboard, but I switch to Spanish mapping quite often, but I have yet to find the proper ‘ apostrophe, which is so common in English.

    Don’t forget to order some sangria!

  3. Try Eslava (c/ Eslava, 3-5, San Lorenzo area) for their excellent tapas. I had the pleasure earlier this year. The friendly barista introduced us to a variety of their dishes, which were simply one of the culinary highlights of this trip. Very moderately priced, too.

  4. Hi everyone: Matt will have a special meeting with any WP fan who wants to join us in Evento Blog España (EBE 06) on Saturday from 18:00 to 20:00. Please sing up here or send an email to info (AA) or to me luisrull (AAAS)

  5. Hi Matt.
    Hope you’re having a great time around Seville. A shame days are so short this time of the year, and a bigger shame very downtown street seems to be obstructed by street works, road works, skips, scaffolds, hoarding’s, advertising boards and building materials. It’s election time in five months from now, so we are pretty used to it.
    Apart from that, I’d love to take a little time this week, maybe on saturday, as Luis has just said, to meet you. It’s only recently that I have set up my own blog, with a friend and all thanks to WP. I have learned a lot, certainly.

  6. Sevilla ideas: Hop the AVE train for 45 minute ride up to Cordoba and visit the Mezquita – a 15 century cathedral built which incorpartes a 11 century mosque as a part of the cathedral.

    Eat at Restaurnte Modesto in Santa Cruz. Absolutely the bet seafood anywhere. Try the “Plato Modesto”. step in side the tiny bar/kitchen and check out the work pace. Amazing.

    If you can find a way [bus] go down to Sanlucar de Barrameda [1hr] and be at the fishing docks in Bonanza between 3-5 in the afternoon when the fishing fleet returns. About 30 boats [30-50 ft long] fighting for a spot on the 6 boat dock length. Much bumping shoving, cssing, etc. The crews are a Hollywood casting director’s dream if he were doing a pirate movie. Catch the action as the catch is auctioned off on the dock. One of the best shows in Europe. A pphotog’s dream!
    If you havve a couple of days grab the train overto Granada and see the Alhambra.

    Check my site [] and my son’s site {]

    Have a ball!