9 thoughts on “Cranky Geeks 2

  1. Overall I thought it was good. I’d watch further editions of the show.

    I agree that you were a bit quiet but you seemed to pipe in when you had something that need to be said. I was wondering if it would help a little if they could show more than one person at a time or if they could somehow show all of you at once.

  2. This is not a snipe, but a suggestion that I had noticed about your presentation so to speak…. When Dvorak is *posing* a question to you, you *naturally* respond with yes/no’s or grunts during that time(as would anyone) followed by an answer when he is finished. During that time while he is talking either they turn on your mike too soon or they don’t turn off all mikes and sounds between you and him seemed to compete…for me at least it was noticable. I doubt I would do any better and would be just as excited to answer…just a thought…delete this comment if you want.